Leasing vs. Financing

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Leasing vs. Financing in Buckingham, QC

Our Buckingham Chrysler Jeep Dodge dealership can make easy work of leasing or financing your next vehicle, and we're here to fill you in on the benefits of each. Find out how leasing differs from financing below before visiting us in Buckingham, QC to find your dream model.

Leasing a Vehicle

If you're the kind of driver who loves treating themselves to a new car every few years, then leasing will suit you best. With the help of our staff, you can make any vehicle from our new inventory yours with an agreement including pre-determined terms, monthly payments, and mileage limits. Monthly lease payments are usually quite accommodating, and once you've seen your term through, you can just return the vehicle and treat yourself to an attractive model from our new inventory all over again.

Financing a Vehicle

Buying a car is an ideal course of action for those aiming to own their vehicle outright. Not only will your financed vehicle be protected by a comprehensive warranty for the long haul, it will also be yours and only yours once you've completed your last payment. Furthermore, buying a car allows you to customize and accessorize your new vehicle to your liking, while leased vehicles have to be returned as is. Lastly, as long as you stick to your recommended maintenance schedule, you'll be able to sell your purchased vehicle for a solid return when the time for a new car comes.

Steps to Financing

Firstly, you can obtain financing through our online application or through our Finance Centre on your next appointment, and the larger your down payment, the less you'll need to apply for. Getting pre-approved before choosing your dream vehicle saves you time, and once you've test-driven and chosen your ideal model, we'll work with you to determine a purchase agreement in accordance with your down payment, budget, and financing, so you can take the wheel of your new Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram with a clear head.

Whether you're looking for new vehicles in Ontario or Quebec, contact us at Buckingham Chrysler Jeep Dodge today, and we'll be thrilled to oblige.